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Weekdays: Lundya (Loon-di-a) Furthib (Fur-thiv) Thorsdag (Thor-sdag) Mindya (Min-di-a) Dusdya (Doos-di-a)

Months: Autumn Alphenos (Autumn, 24 days) סירום cirum 3 24 דירילוק dirilok 4 חורף 25 ארמדור ermedor 5 24 פיניטור finitor 6 26 גין gin 7 24 הלאין hilayn 8 אביב 24 יילין ilin 9 25 ג’רולוקס jrolox 10 24 k 11 קיץ 25 לימקוץ limcotz 12 24 m 13 25 n 14 26

b    2        25

Moons: Titan (big, white, close, 40 days per round, is a replica of earth and the souls final resting place) & Mina (small, bluish, far, usually, close to the horrizon, 25 days per round)

Religion Most of the world populance is divided into clans/tribes and villages. Each of those follow, usually, the teaching and or guidance of mystics dedicated to one element. Some of thos are: Water (mostly humans) Wind (Mostly halflings), Blood (evil humans/gnolls), soul or spirit, nature and the like. Each of those tribes have mystic tradition and spellcasting capabilities and also a martial tradition.

3 small Islands just offshore of the mainland to the north-west. One of them holds the center (major temple) for the water element tribe. One of the coastal cities is a major trading port that most of it actually a boat city (resemble Aberdeen) run by halflings of the wind tribe. The wind Halflings are known as excellent sailors of triangle masted ships (much like the elven destroyer).

Directly in opposite of them (across the ocean) is a vast canyon, a fjord, that opens up as a river come flowing throu it slowly. This used to be an opening for a naval trade route inland for the Halfling Tribe. Nowadays, it ruled with an iron fist by the Brotherhood of __ who consist of the elements fire, blood and chaos (??). One of them is the warring clan, also known as Hand of _. Very vile.

One of the islands isn’t habitat

The Water tribe is monk-like in nature. It preaches for harmony and cycling. It boast a fighting art named ‘Tay-Lon’.

New Feat – Unbound Mind. Enables you to learn from other elementals. Via a penalty.

Some elementals are: Metal, Cherry (Poison), Stone.

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